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What People Say

  • Christina & Franco Rozzi

    Bongiorno Manuela,
    Let me start by thanking you for being a part of what has been the most amazing experience. From first contact to the

  • Bonnie Furner

    Hi Emanuela!
    We had a fantastic journey, full of blessings and joy! Everything was GREAT!
    The trip was a smashing success and the

  • Matt Cia

    Hi Roberta,
    Our trip was wonderful! We liked getting in the tours and larger cities first with a little bit of calmness on the Amalfi coast

  • Laura Renna

    Hi Emanuela!!
    Thank you so much for putting together the best trip I have ever been on! My mother had the best time seeing each city and not

  •  Mary Negro and Steve Strand

    We just got back late last evening and have not had a chance to decompress. I was discussing the trip with my daughter in law and

  • Jerome Gilbert

    Ciao, Manuela
    I just wanted to write and let you know that the trip you planned to Rome for my cousin and me was absolutely the most

  • Linda Repka

    Dear Fiorella and Franca,
    I have been meaning to write to you to express our graditude for the wonderful trip you prepared for us!

  • Roni, Malcolm and Nick

    Hello Antonella!!!
    I just wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts in making our trip as incredible as it was! Italy is such an

  • Mark & Marci

    Hello Alessia,
    We’re back home after our most amazing and wonderful trip through Italy.
    I can’t even begin to describe what a

  • Lisa Fenda Wallace

    We had a fantastic time during our trip to Italy! Nicoletta helped plan an amazing 8-day trip! It was a lot to fit into 8 days,

  • Porsche L. Pettiford

    Good evening Nicoletta,
    Thank you for the welcome back message! I can start by saying “WOW”… we have an amazing time during this trip. It

  • Dan W.

    Thank you for all the work you put into planning the trip. You did a great job. It was awesome and a trip we will always remember.

  • Angela and Kenny Brinker

    Liliana and Rita,
    We can’t thank you enough for planning a wonderful trip. Every detail was thought out and every company and person we came

  • Christina & Franco Rozzi

    Bongiorno Manuela,
    Let me start by thanking you for being a part of what has been the most amazing experience. From first contact to the

  • Margaret and Gary Muise

    Thank you for planning such an amazing trip for us! It was perfect from start to finish and was a dream come true. We will

  • Steve and Nancy Gustafson

    We cannot thank you enough for planning our first trip to Italy. We told you we wanted to spend 10 days on a land tour in Italy

  • Italy |
    Hello Manuela, The last seven days in Italy, with the help of Manuela, was what I had expected…Top Notch! The itinerary... Read More
  • image1 |
    Ciao Manuela, Our trip to Sicily was amazing! Probably one of the best vacations we've been on. We swam in the clearest... Read More
  • Castel Sant'Angelo |
    Hi Emanuela, Fred and I had a wonderful time in Italy! Thank you so much for planning such a great trip! We loved all... Read More
  • Italy1 |
    Ciao Laura!Thank you again for planning a dream vacation to Italy! We had a ball! What an amazing country. Everything... Read More

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